Editing the SavedPlaces.xml file

The saved Trace locations are stored in an XML file, which has to be in the Resources/compass directory of your There installation (the same directory as the GPS's compass.swf file). The file has a section for each 'page' of saves in the GPS. These sections start with <SavesPage#> (the # being 1 thru 6) and end with </SavesPage#>. Within each section are eight spots for saved Trace information. These start with <SavedPlace#>, the # being 1 thru 8 and corresponding to the number of the button (as shown on the main help page), and end with </SavedPlace#>.

Each saved place needs four pieces of information:

All the coordinate information should be taken from the GPS in X/Y/Z mode (not Lat/Lon or Distance).

DO NOT ALTER THE TEXT INSIDE THE '<' AND' >' SYMBOLS. Changing that text, unless you know what you're doing, can cause ALL the saved Trace information to not be loaded in the GPS. Only change the information between the <name></name>, <xPos></xPos>, <yPos></yPos>, and <zPos></zPos> tags.