Welcome to Myrmex's There web site. This site is currently (constantly) under development.

Check out my current designs here.

You can find my GPS compass hack here.

My name is Myrmex. I'm the avatar behind Erraticism DZigns, as well as Erraticism.com. In real life I'm a programmer and a web designer. In There, I'm one the avatars you see in the picture, or a combination of all of them.

Right now, I'm working on redesigning this site. I'm taking a short break from designing clothes to spend time designing vehicles, mostly hoverboards. I've got several approved, a couple waiting to be approved, and several more in the works.

As a member of the newly created Member Advisory Board, I'm trying to become more of a part of the There community. Up until recently, I've been a lurker, riding my hoverboards on the edges of There, surfing the cliffs and enjoying the solitude. But lately I've been making an effort to be more social with the avatars I meet, and have been enjoying talking to the people I've run into. I've started a club called Voice_Of_The_Casual_Therian to try to get more input from the people who only log into There a couple hours a day, a few days a week. The 'power' players have many voices in the MAB and in the Forums, I wanted to used my position to speak for the mostly silent 'casual' Therians.